Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Brand New Sock Club!

Ta Da!

A brand new sock club for you and yours: The Colors of PennyRose Sock Club!

3 shipments: mid-Jan, mid-March, mid-May.

3 different dyeing techniques, each one different and with your color input.

2 older patterns, just put in so that you have a neat way of making your socks with these dyeing techniques, and one brand new one!

Yarn: Whatever works best for each method. At least one yarn in Penny, my base yarn, because I skein it up into long skeins and therefore can play around a lot with it.

Total cost (including shipping): $85 to the US for Priority Shipping, and to everywhere else for first class international shipping with the patterns emailed to you in PDF form. Shipping out of the country goes by weight, so this will save you the extra shipping cost.

The Perfect Holiday Present! Your relatives owe you some pretty yarn. Sounds good, no?

Each one of my skeins is dyed individually so each one is one of a kind! Some are very labor intensive but are fun for me to do. Here's an example of a Rainbow yarn. I start with the color that you pick and then go from there. 5 people could all pick blue, but each skein would look completely different. Here's a Rainbow Blue that I'm currently selling on Etsy. You can see my starting point.

Here's what it looks like reskeined into a manageable skein of yarn:

Isn't this fun? That's an example of a dyeing technique that I love to use.

Here's another technique that I might use: Gloom and Glam updated for a different look:

This is the top of a sock for the Oct. sotm and you can see the bits of color that pop out of the charcoal base. An updated version of this would be to choose a dark base of either charcoal, navy, brown or green and then highlight with other colors. It makes a very cool yarn.

Other possible techniques are: half & half (where one half of the skein is dyed one color, and the other another color with a bit of white in between: makes for cute stripes), and a new secret technique.

If you want an idea of how I dye, look at my etsy site and also look at the yarns sold.

Interested? Please email me at pennyrosesockclub, or PM me on Ravelry. I'm ruth there.